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Mar, 18, 2021
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I come from Denmark, my whole family is still there with the exception of my mother who goes back and forth, but these days I can LA home. A second home, in addition to Denmark. It’s sort of the ideal of two different worlds.

There are any number of things to do easily here, jump on your bike for some road biking, hit one of the trails for a hike or run, you may even glimpse a waterfall. You can head up to mountains and be skiing within a couple hours. Or take in the surf right outside our front door. But no one has yoga like southern Cal. I absolutely love the culture around yoga in LA.

Our annual Christmas photo at the beach in Venice.

One of the reasons I love Southern Cal so much, is the lifestyle and the weather and scenery that lends itself to that. I spent my teenage years and early twenties on Point Dume in Malibu, total heaven. I consider myself a real beach girl. I totally took advantage of the sun, the sea, and the surf. I ran the cliffs of Malibu to train, soaked in the rays, and surfed. Now I live near the Marina and love to paddle board. 

Never leaving my heritage, Solvang. Solvang is a pretty easy 2-3 hour drive north of LA. I have God parents up there, in the heart of the Santa Ynez valley. Solvang is a complete mix of old Danes, cowboy spirit, and wineries. How great is that?! And that scenery can’t be beat.


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