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  • Announcing… GreenDrop Compression

    If you guys have followed me for a while, you’ve noticed l’ve never taken an offer to affiliate or endorse any product. It has to be completely in line with what I practice and what I believe, and something I use personally. I appreciate your trust, whether it’s what I say in one of my classes, or what I post on sm.

    Thanks for that trust! BUT NOW… I am excited to collaborate with this amazing company, Green Drop Compression! An incredible line of compression sleeves and tape for injuries and muscle pain relief, designed to heal in a new way to increase mobility and recover faster, a way to be free from the limitations of muscle & joint discomfort and get back to an active life.

    I’ve had so many injuries over many years, and the greatest pain beyond the injury, is just wanting to get back out there! The amazing part is, Green Drop is completely holistic and natural and heals leveraging recent advances in science and technology, offering an infusion of natural healing, high-performance compression, and cutting-edge technology. Elevate your well-being, push your limits (and if you’re in my class, you know we love to blow past our limitations), and experience the transformative synergy of GREEN DROP‘s commitment to your holistic health.

    Go to my Products I Love Page to check out some of the products I personally use, get links to the GreenDrop site, and be sure to use discount code KBYoga for extra savings!