I am now “Bionic-Kris”

· Just a little spinal reconstruction surgery ·

Apr, 04, 2021
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So happy to make the first walk around the nurses’ station… with a lot of help!

This last week I finally had my back fixed, or like I was joking, I had my titanium spine installed! The last two years were tough with excruciating pain from herniated and ruptured lumbar discs, fractured vertebrae, fragments of bone and disc floating, two torn annular ligaments, and a pinched compromised L5 root nerve leaving my right leg and foot increasingly weakened with nerve damage. (Not including the torn hip)

Now I have disc implants and a structure of titanium rebuilding my lumbar spine! I was walking with help within 24 hours and came home yesterday! I am SO optimistic for a new lease on life and Kris2.0! I’m actually Bionic-Woman! ?

Dr. Fineman, Raymond Neurosurgery & Spine, and my team of neuro scientists, doctors and nurses at Huntington Hospital were absolutely incredible! There was not a face around me that wasn’t encouraging and smiling and amazingly caring! I couldn’t have been in better hands. But I have to go back to my dear friend @kmassoudi and her neurosurgeon husband Farzad for helping me come to grips with my injuries over the last year, walking me through the process, putting me in touch with super happy patients with this procedure, helping me find my final surgeon, and helping me see I will get my life back!

Don’t worry, guys… so many yoga pictures to come, I think I could do some bionic scorpions now… just give me 6 months to a year ? … oh, and I might replace some running with golf! I hear this worked well for Tiger! ?? ?️

Happy Easter! ??? Happy Passover! Happy Ramadan! I feel especially blessed and grateful this holiday!


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