Hi, I'm Kristina


Kristina is a professional photographer, model, and mom, with a love of sports and fitness that began at a young age; her father had her on ice-skates as soon as she could walk, while her mother had her in dance training by age four. As a child, she was a champion equestrian and captain of her hockey teams. 

While modeling in her early twenties, Kristina began martial arts mainly to stay in shape. What she found again, was a deep passion for fitness and health. She trained with Billy Blanks, of Tae-Bo™ fame, and became one of his instructors in his flagship LA studio, did exhibitions around the US, and was featured in many of his Tae-Bo™ videos. Kristina’s unique skill was that she was not a martial artist from a young age, she knew how difficult it could be to learn new and complex movements as an adult. Kristina was able to pass on this unique knowledge by concentrating on form. Over the years, Kristina also competed in dozens of marathons and half-marathons.

By her thirties/forties, after the stress of life had its toll, a traumatizing divorce, her father living with congestive heart failure and ultimately dying from cancer, raising a son with autism by herself, she was still somehow at the top of her game professionally and in shape physically, but was struggling internally, with an autoimmune disease leading to eczema, chronic asthma, numerous bouts with pneumonia, arthritis, and severe anemia among other things.

As a mom of a teenager with autism, Kristina found refuge and balance on the yoga mat with what was originally an addition to athletics. Starting a daily practice was essential, to remember to breathe through all of life’s moments, to combat stress, and to keep some balance in fitness while juggling the hectic life of being a single mom.   “At times, I’ve had so much stress that it took a toll physically, I liKristina loves to share her passion and especially loves to teach both children and adults. Kristina launched her non-profit foundation, Aut2bFit™, which encourages the love of fitness with those on the autism spectrum and their families! 

And in the summer of 2019, after a lifetime of tough sports, all of her injuries came to a head with a dislocated hip, torn labrum, collapsed and ruptured discs in my spine, fractured vertibrae, two torn annular tendons, and a TON of life-altering pain. During the pandemic, Kristina took time off to take care of herself and underwent a lumbar spinal fusion and now has disc implants and titanium, or as she refers to it, her “bionic spine!” 


Kristina devoted herself even more to health, nutrition, mental wellness, and physical therapy. She took her studying to a new level, trying to understand where her body broke, or more, what mistakes she had made. She has a new understanding and knowledge of the common mistakes of athletes and trainers, and of the human body and physiology. She uses succinct verbal and anatomical cues during class and infuses a dose of spiritual inspiration to motivate and connect with her students. Kristina’s classes are known not only for her body awareness and knowledge, but for their “flow,” seamlessly integrating pranayama and asana, breath to posture; always challenging, always fun!  can’t wait to share it!”

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