I am a certified Nutritionist specializing in gluten-free and plant-based nutrition. I don't talk about it much, but I have been wracked with health issues for most of my life, from allergies, to celiac disease, severe anemia, and auto-immune disease. All while training like an athlete and living with the demands and stress of being a single mom... and oh yeah, trying to feed the pickiest eater ever, my kid! But I have found my healthiest life ever, all holistically, through nutrition and lifestyle! Now, I want to think even more about eating and training for longevity; not necessarily to live longer, but to live longer in the way I want to live, active, energetic, and doing everything that I love to do... and lots of yoga! And I want to share all my tips and secrets with you! Plus, I LOVE to cook and I love to talk food and recipes! So we are going to do it all right here!! Do you have specific issues you need to address? Do you just want to live healthier and feel lighter and more energetic after meals? Are you confused by the flood of information out there? Eat grass-fed, or go vegan, eat low-carb, no high-protein, no intermittent-fast?! How do we make sense of it all?! I want to break it down for you and simplify it. I want to be your curator, of information and of amazingly delicious recipes.
I'd love to chat and see what we can do together!

~ Kristina

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