Sunday Brunch Scrambled Eggs with Trout and Tri-Color Quinoa

Sep, 09, 2020
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A weekend breakfast is the perfect time to do a little something more than you would on weekdays. Weekends during my upbringing always brought family together to the table for a relaxed, leisurely, and sometimes hours long, meal. I grew up eating a lot of fish, for a Dane, breakfast absolutely includes a fish, either smoked or cured salmon, pickled herring, or like this one, trout. On the weekend, this involved walking down to the harbor, and picking out your own fish from the fisherman or vendor, always plucked right out of the sea that morning! But if you’re by yourself, or with a child who, let’s face it, prefers one of two things, ever, then you don’t really want to put in too much effort. In this case, it feels a little gourmet, but is incredibly easy!  Added bonus… super healthy!

I have always been a pescatarian. We always want to label ourselves, or fit into a group. I believe this makes rules too rigid. Sometimes we need to be more lenient. Maybe we choose to be vegan five days of the week, but treat ourselves for a favorite no-vegan meal on a weekend. Maybe we have to be restricted or a food intolerance or allergy. Nothing means you can’t use the label, or adapt it to fit how you live. Non-dairy, no-land-animal, gluten-free, struggling-with-sugar-intake, alcohol-sparingly, pescatarian over here! 😉

I learned from my aunt, the one with the gorgeous vineyard up in Santa Ynez that I’ve featured on here before, that the best way, to cook scrambled eggs is in a double-boiler. I think she learned the trick from another vineyard owner! The difference is amazing!  Who knew vintners who knew wines also knew eggs?!

And honestly, I could add tomatoes and quinoa to everything. It suits most things perfectly, in my opinion. Sauté the onion and tomato first, over a medium heat, just until the onion is fragrant and the tomatoes are soft. Then add the cooked quinoa (follow package instructions, usually about 15 minutes) after a few minutes, to give it the sautéed flavor.

The finale crowning touch, grilled trout! Also super easy and quick! I get the whole trouts from Costco, keep them in the freezer until the night before, take one out and grill it up. The indoor grill is just as good and easier for those lazy weekend mornings.


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