Group Yoga Party for Your Next Event!

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Mar, 22, 2023
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Do you have a special event coming up? Maybe it’s a bridal shower or bachelorette weekend! Or perhaps a girls’ weekend, spa-day, brunch, restorative days with close gal pals! Maybe it’s a birthday or a reunion! Let’s not leave out the guys!

Why not host your own yoga class, imagine the energy and fun of a studio class but with only your close friends!! And… we do not forget the drinks or snacks after! You decide… is it “Namaste & Rose,” “Mandala & Mimosa,” or “Sip & Stretch,” or the ever-favorite “Vino Vinyasa!?!” We are down[dog] for all of it! I’ll be happy to give you some more ideas, even provide some of the after-yoga goodies! There are various styles of yoga to choose from, as well! You decide the pace and the vibe, from a relaxing restorative, or a fun-paced vinyasa with a funky playlist blasting, Yin-Yoga, even something candlelight in the evening, maybe a Nidra or meditation and intention-circle! And the location is completely up to you… your living room with the comfy touches of home, your backyard, or a park, the beach… So many ideas, we can’t wait to chat about it!

Mimosas, fruit plates, and smoothie bowls definitely all count as health food! 😉
Look at the cute invitation ideas on Etsy!!

We can plan your own after-party snacks and goodies, or let’s discuss more options! So many ideas to choose from!

Be sure to check out the Sessions page, to see what style and session might be right for your event. And then you can easily book a date, and buy your session or package! See you on the mat!

Namaste, Kris


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