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A Retreat on Zaca Lake, the Central Cal Coast

Jul, 25, 2023
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When a girlfriend of mine from college was talking about her pet project, restoring log cabins from the 1920’s and creating a retreat destination in one of the places of California that I love most, the Central Coast, known for the vineyards and wineries, and yes, Solvang, the Danish village. A few of us have been dying to see and experience her vision. And OMG! What do you all think? I tried to snap a few pics, but honestly we were having too much of a blast!! Eighteen college friends living it up at grown-up summer camp!! haha!

So the important question… would you want a yoga retreat in this heaven?! 3-1/2 hours drive outside of LA. A little hop over to do some wine tasting at a local winery. Luxury authentic log cabins, with original stone fireplaces and quaint porches. A pristine glass-like lake to paddle-board, swim, jump off a raft, sunbathe, or lie under the stars on the wood dock and count shooting stars over head. Hiking, creek-hopping, dancing all night in the old barn’s dance floor! I think we can fit some yoga in, maybe! 😉 Let me know what you think!


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