Looking to optimize your athletic training?

Mar, 19, 2023
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Today is LA Marathon Day… so HAPPY MARATHON-ing! 😉

Looking to optimize your athletic training? I used to run… a lot! I ran marathons! And if you count the training, the overtime, the running around trying to find a route or the after-race, it may have been 30 miles on race day, 30-50 miles per week in training. I skied a lot growing up, I rode equestrian, I was a “hunter-jumper,” and I did martial arts, I started teaching for Billy Blanks Tae-bo in my 20’s!

Yoga can help, or heal, with any athletic endeavors. I can help. When I started yoga, I only wanted to be a more competitive athlete, either as a runner, or a cyclist, or in martial arts. What I didn’t expect was my absolute love for yoga to grow! And then after years of other sports and injuries took their toll on my body, yoga saved & recovered me!!


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