Get ready for Hygge

· Heading to Denmark in the heart of winter. ·

Jan, 08, 2022
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It’s been a really rough couple years now to live so far from home and family. We hadn’t been home in two years until we went back this last summer. It felt so wonderful. The situation made me definitely realize how much I miss it, how I miss being with family, and not to take any moment for granted. I had another couple tickets to go back again, but had to cancel before Christmas with the latest surges in cases everywhere. So now… I am determined to get there… no matter what time of year, and how, ahem, cooollld it’s going to be! That’s when Danes make the most of HYGGE!

A hyggeligt breakfast to start the day. It became a trendy word, but hygge is a way of life in Denmark. When it is so cold and dark for half the year, it’s almost mandatory. It’s lighting candles around the home, making warming and inviting food, inviting friends and family over to socialize, making life warm and comfortable. Creating our own light!


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